It has been so freaking cold outside. Even though the sun has been out and the sky has been clear, its been too cold to go outside and enjoy any of it. Saturday we had 2 weddings. Mine was at the Wax Museum, love that place! It is so cool inside and the reception area is really nice. It was my first time shooting there. Leslie and I had the sweetest couple, they were both just all smiles, nothing upset them (What should, they were getting married!) and they had the best time.

After our wedding finished we headed over to Bee’s to help him with groups. He had a very large wedding and it was so pretty! Great time! I finished with Bee about 1245am and headed home… well headed to get the boys from Kenner. When I was on my way Leslie called to tell me water was gushing from the side of my house. Great! I called Ryan because I didn’t know who else to call. Beebe was still working his wedding and it didn’t end till about 130am. Thankfully Ryan was not asleep, it was probably 1am when I called him. But he is young and single so he was out and said he’d head over to check it out. Yay! He was able to turn the water off to the entire house until the morning. Our lawn was frozen from all the water and so was the sidewalk. Thankfully it all turned out to be nothing but a hole in this particular cap and NOT a busted pipe.

We got out of the house today with the boys and went to the park. The sun was out but it was still so cold! We still had fun though.

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  1. Ethan’s new haircut is so cute and it looks like he had a fun time at the park. Aiden is all smiles, all the time! Sweet baby.

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