Poor Aiden has Acid Reflux. I had a feeling he did because of the way he would cry out and fuss. It reminded me of Ethan and we knew Ethan had it because the NICU at EJ did a breathing study on him. I voiced my concerns with Aidens doctor… ok well not the doctor, the nurse actually. But that was good enough to get a Rx called in for zantac, problem solved right? Well it was for awhile…

Aiden has always done this cough/choke thing. Friends of ours that would be visiting would see him do it and be like, “Is he OK!” and I would say yes. I had taken him to see his pediatrician and also called in several times only to be told his chest sounded clear, he is gaining weight just fine, seems healthy. I swear they must have thought I was a nut. It didnt help that every time I would bring Aiden in he was all smiles, little turd. Nothing like going to the doctor to complain of a strange illness that is cured the moment you arrive at the doctors office.

So I finally whipped out my iPhone and recorded him during on these little spells.

Ok so you can see he is in pain and totally unhappy. Of course in the meantime I am researching Acid Reflux, GERD in infants and came across some very informative websites, one being MARCI-Kids.com, Midwest Acid Reflux Childrens Institute. I actually emailed a doctor there, including Aiden’s video and he emailed me back saying it looked like reflux and we needed a PPI, Proton Pump Inhibitor medication. He actually emailed me back several times, thanks Dr. Phillips!

So I made an appointment with his doctor that very next day. Ok not Aiden’s doctor but whatever one was in the office seeing sick kids. It was New Years Eve so I was just happy they were seeing patients! Of course Aiden was the picture of perfection when we got to the doctors office. Did I mention how somehow going in to the office is like an instant cure? Here is an example of my cuteness being… well… CUTE!

So at this appointment I showed the video to the doctor and she said it was reflux and she could hear him choking. I asked her about a better medication then zantac, like maybe a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) and she kind of cut me off and said in her honest opinion acid reflux medications do not help with reflux and she wants us to go see a pediatric pulmonary doctor. Ok, acid reflux medications wont stop the spit up but did you SEE spit up in that video? NO, you see him in pain from the ACID part of the reflux. Anyone who has held Aiden has gotten a bit (or more then a bit) of spit up on them and he generally isnt unhappy or upset when this happens. He just suddenly has all this spitup come out and then he smiles or keeps looking around, kind of like that baby in that e-trade commercial.

So we left without a new Rx and a business card for a pulmonologist.

New Years Eve, New Years Day… all the way till Monday Aiden was just the most unhappy baby. Coughing, refluxing, crying and fussing. I upped his dosage of zantac, not beyond what he should be getting, just to what he SHOULD be getting. Its weight sensitive and needed to be increased, his dosage was too low. That helped a little.

So Monday I called my peds office and asked to speak to Aidens doctor. Not the nurse, not that other doctor, HIS doctor. I was losing faith, especially after Aiden was so upset all weekend. Well his doctor did call me back and agreed to write a Rx for prevacid and said to try that first and we could explore other things if it didnt work. Yay, my faith is restored! So off I went to get Aiden’s new medication. I read that it could take “up to” several days for it to start working but this is only his 2nd day taking it and he is already back to being a happy baby. He only has had ONE short coughing spell which he did not cry through. The fussiness is gone and back is my happy cooing baby.

3 thoughts on “Refux isnt fun

  1. Hello Corine,
    I hope you don’t mind but I have read your blog on Aiden with his acid reflux. I work at West Jefferson at a Peds office and we have a Ped GI Dr here!!! His name is Dr. Vikram Khoshoo. If you need an app. just give me a call(349-6504) ask for me and I can get you in ASAP!!!! He is here Mon. and Wed. all day and some Thurs. mornings. So, if you need us just give me a call. I hope he is doing better.

  2. Hey Dana, he is actually doing much better since being on the prevacid. No more coughing/choking. Thanks, if it comes back I just might call you!

  3. Corine,
    I know exactly what you are going through and just wanted to add to Dana’s post. I seen Dr. Khoshoo with Juliana for her Acid Reflux and it was a night and day difference from the first day that I seen him. He increased Juliana’s Zantac and told us to use Mylanta and Milk of Magnesia. My pediatrican actually recommended him since she heard Juliana having one of her little episodes. I wish you the best!

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