Today we had a Birthday Celebration Meetup at Frances’s house. We had a lot of fun and played with all our friends.

Then at 130 we had our 12 month appointment with Dr. R. Ethan is 30 inches, 20lbs 3oz. He is walking everywhere and doing lots of baby babble. Sadly he doesn’t say mama yet. He loves eating food now, especially if he can feed himself. He never liked baby food or anything too mushy. We are still breastfeeding but trying to wean. Well I am trying to wean, I dont think Ethan is ready. He has been sleeping better and has kind of gotten on his own routine. He is usually in bed around 930 or 10 and will sleep until about 530 or 6am. He does usually wake up once in between then and will make some noise and then go right back to sleep.

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