Aiden had his first doctor appointment on Wednesday, Oct 7. He was great!

When he was born he weighed 7lb 1oz and when we left the hospital he was down to 6lb 12oz. At one of his weigh ins he was at 6lb 8oz but was up 4oz by the time we left. Well at this his 1st appointment he was 7lb 11oz. So he gained almost 1lb! His head measured 13″ and his length 19″. We go back in a month for Aidens 1 month appointment.

Aiden has been a very good baby. He is not fussy, he breast feeds very well and sleeps pretty good.

Ethan has not been very interested in Aiden. He mostly ignores him or has this look on his face like, “your still here?” When Aiden cries Ethan doesn’t even look his way which is funny because any time Ethan has heard a baby crying before he would always look and seem concerned. Ethan has not acted jealous or anything since Aiden’s arrival which is good.

I have been sore. This c-section recovery has not been as bad as with Ethan. But its still painful. I have friends that have had c-sections and did not seem to experience the same pain. Lucky them! I just think I have no pain tolerance. The day after Aiden was born my doctor saw me and said that when I took a shower I should take off the bandage. I was like, um I dont plan on getting out of bed haha! Of course I did as she said and it seemed to be going well, but shortly afterwards I was in so much pain and started to cry. Then of course the crying made it hurt worse. Im such a ninny when it comes to pain. Thankfully I am feeling much better now but definitely can feel the burn when the medicine starts wearing off.

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  1. Oh Corine, I’m glad I checked your Personal Blog tonight, I have wondered how you were faring. "Your still here!" Made me LOL. I have a photo I’ll have to send, with my eldest Sister, standing above me, me in a stroller, that I named "I could kill you, with my eyes!" LOL! I’m sure Ethan will be much nicer, he is just not the ONLY "Little Prince" anymore, and I imagine, that will take some getting used to!

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