We decided to pack up the kids for a quick trip to the zoo. We only had an hour to walk around because it would be closing and an hour with these 3 is plenty of time!

As soon as we’d get to one animal they were ready to go see the next. I think they enjoyed running from spot to spot more then seeing the animals.

My favorite part of the trip was Aiden seeing the white and black stripped tiger and saying:

Aiden: “Look mommy, a Zebra”

Mommy: “No baby, thats a white tiger but it kind of looks like a zebra”

Aiden: “No mommy, that is a zebra”

(repeat the above like 4 times) Finally Ethan jumps in

Ethan: ” No Aiden! Its a TIIIGERRRRR”


(repeat x10)

Mommy: “Fine its a zebra”

Ethan: “But Mommy thats a TIGER”

Aiden: “Lets go next animal”

Mommey: “Yes please! lets get away from the tiger/zebra!” (Id had enough of their arguing)

Aiden: “Whats a tiger zebra?” Very perplexed face

Ethan: “Uhhh… its a tiger that looks like a zebra???”

Aiden: “Oh!!!!!”

I think the boys enjoyed getting ice cream the most!