On the left hand side is All Photographs

Click on that. Then on the right the galleries already made will show up. Then click on “New” and create a new Group

the new Group will show up and just click on it to rename. Then double click on it to get into that Group

Once in the group you are going to create the first gallery where you will upload ALL the images too. For now just name it Reception. Double click on the folder to get into the gallery. Then click to upload the files. Browse to where they are stored on your computer. Select them all, hit upload and go to bed. Actually you can set up a few other things before going to bed by opening a new window or new tab and going back to http://studiotran.zenfolio.com. Scroll down a bit to see what steps you can be doing next in the new window.

You can also do this during the day and have it uploading while you are working on other things. Its entirely up to you. But it will take about 3-5 hours. Just remember to hit upload at the bottom.

It will start to download…

While you are waiting for it to down, open the new tab or window and go back to the control panel. You will now see where the new Group has been created. Click on the name of the Group and it will open to the right. Dont click on Reception, just click on the name of the Group in the left menu.

Now we are going to be dealing with all this menu crap to the right.

Under Links & Client Access click on “Create Friendly URL and Access Code”

We are going to use the same thing for the access code that we are going to set as the password.

Then hit save

Then under Visitor Sign in hit Edit. uncheck the first box at the very top and then select Display a Visitor Sign-in page before allowing access to the gallery.

Hit save.

Then under Access Control hit Edit. You will uncheck the very top box and select that the gallery is locked and needs a password. Make it the same as the access code just for ease.

Then set the expiration by clicking Edit next to Set to Expire.

Whatever date you are making the gallery, count 3 months into the future on that same date.

back up at the top is a button called SELLING
click on that

On the left menu is Coupons, click on that. it will open what coupons have been on the right. Pick any one of the already made coupons and on the far right you will see “duplicate”

Click on duplicate

The next window will open up the coupon. Change the title to your current bride & groom and wedding date.

Make the coupon code the same as the password and access code

Scroll down to Applicability

Hit the little x next to whatever gallery is showing in the box

Click on Add Gallery and select the Group you want to add.

And finally under restrictions you will select the start and end dates.

make sure the start date is the date you sending me or Beebe the email. Make the end date like 1 month and 1 week ahead.

Click save

At the top you can click back on HOME and then click on the Wedding you are working on on the left. In this case its still Joshua + Jamie Married 6.11.11. Once you click on it the window in the middle will show what galleries have been made.

Most likely all the images are still uploading to Reception. But we can create the other galleries we are going to use.
Click on New and create galleries for:

Bridal Prep
Reception – already made and uploading too

If there was a grooms prep, which usually doesn’t have as many pictures as the brides, just still make one gallery but instead call it Bride & Groom Prep

You can click on the folders/icons and drag the around, so drag them into being in the right order.

Once all the images are uploaded you will be able to select the images and move them to the folder/gallery they should go in. You will highlight/select the images and click on Photo Actions and in that drop down menu select Move

It will ask you where to move them to, just select the gallery to move them too.

Move all the formals, like all the bride with bridesmaids, groom with groomsmen, after ceremony and so on formal portraits to the Formals folder.