I had a great time with my mom and her friend Terese. Bee flew out Monday morning and my mom and Terese arrived Monday night. Tuesday night I brought them to Impastatos for dinner. It was so delicious, especially the crab claws and fettucini! Wednesday we had lunch at Serranos and my friend Kristin came too. For dinner went to NOLAs…. like I said all we have been doing is eating. Ive been eating like I dont have a bathing suit to fit into on Sunday! Gah!

Ethan has had so much fun playing with my mom. We started rewatching Heroes. We got through the whole first season when my mom came for Ethan’s birth. So we were rewatching that. The 2nd season should be coming out on dvd soon if it is not already out.

Beebe came home a day early which was a nice surprise. He was able to see my mom too. Ethan was so happy to see his daddy. Bee’s parents took us out to dinner at Houstons… more eating!

New things that Ethan is doing… he is starting to stand on his own more and more. He will stand up and be holding on to the couch or the ottoman and then he’ll let go and stand all by himself. With some coaxing he will take a few steps too! Its very exciting and we are so proud! I might have something on video to show. I gave my mom the camera to try to film Ethan taking some steps but she accidentally zoomed all the way in so Im not sure if it was actually taped or not!

Today was my mom’s last day and we walked around a cemetery and then went to eat lunch at Carettas. More food!

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  1. Awwww! Nice Picss! houston is my favorite restuatant to eat! ethan is getting soo big!
    awwww!!! hes so cute
    =) he cute in the pool!

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