Yes, I broke down today and bought maternity pants. My jeans still fit over my butt however I was really getting sick of that belly band thing. It was such a pain to have to constantly fix it to zip the open zipper. So I bought my first pair of maternity jeans and they are pretty comfortable. I am really impressed.

Bee and I just finished a very busy weekend. We each had seperate weddings Friday & Saturday night. I was in Baton Rouge Friday night and then Houma on Saturday. Bee stayed local for his weddings. Then today we had a bridal show at the Lowes Hotel. Needless to say we are both exhausted and I am looking forward to having next weekend off. Well I say I am off, but I will end up going with Bee on Saturday to his wedding because I really want to shoot more at St. Josephs.

I have been feeling pretty good lately. The morning sickness has pretty much completely gone! So that is great! However I have had some bad allergies lately. I am just getting over that. The only medicine I am allowed to take doesn’t seem to help very much. And a new thing that is developing is that I can’t sleep well at all. I try to sleep on my left side but then my arm falls asleep. So it wakes me up and I switch sides, but then my other arm falls asleep and I wake up and turn again. I must wake up about 4 times a night. I have always slept on my side and this wasn’t a problem pre-pregnancy.