Wow, so I am 30, this is what 30 feels like? I can sympathize with Chad now. Just kidding. I have realized this weekend how blessed I am. I have wonderful friends, I have a wonderful wife and wonderful family. Thanks for everyone who came out to my party. I really was surprised! Corine keeps asking me if I was really surprised and I really didn’t have a clue. Several of my friends who were at the party called me throughout the day and asked what I was doing that night, I really thought we were going to dinner at NOLA.

I want to thank Dayna and Chad for being such good friends to Corine and I. Thank you for hosting my party and putting it all together. And Dayna the pulled pork was on fire! Don’t tell Brian but I think you might give him a good run! Whenever Corine and I have needed ya’ll, you were there. If we wanted to chill on a Sunday ya’ll have been ready to sit around. ha! If we wanted to pick up and head to dinner ya’ll were usually ready to go! (we stay up later and sometimes eat at later hours so…) We always have a good time hanging out with you both. We are both so glad that our sons are close in age and that we are doing the parenting thing together. We love all 3 of you, you are very dear to us. Its Dayna and Corine’s 30th next year… !!

Thank you everyone for all my gifts. I appreciate everything. Thanks Stacy for taking some pictures for us! Hong & Herb, thanks for that Tiesto’s Elements of Life DVD, I actually watched the whole thing while going up to Lafayette, but don’t tell Corine. She doesn’t want me having the tv on while driving.

Thank you to my family and always supporting me. Also for always watching Ethan.

I feel like I won some kind of award and this is my acceptance speech. haha!! I guess in some way I did!

Love Beebe & Family

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