Well we are still sick, blah!

Our little doctors visit seemed to help me. I was feeling almost normal by Friday night. I stayed in bed ALL day Thursday. I had a wedding Friday night and in this line of business calling in Sick is not usually an option. Thankfully for me I have great friends and could have picked from a number of very talented photographers to take over for if I needed it. Luckily I was feeling better by 4pm on Friday. I had Kristin with me, Erica is out of town. So the “women in black” as the Bucktown Allstars refer to us, were one person short.

My wonderful and very talented friends, Jason and Ben just happened to be in town from Lafayette. They met Kristin and I up at the Ritz Carlton to help photograph everything. By they time they showed up, or maybe it was just there awesome presence, I was feeling pretty good. I mean who wouldnt be? I had a beautiful bride in a gorgeous custom made dress, partying at the Ritz and being entertained by the Bucktown Allstars.

Feeling good didn’t last too long. I think I overworked myself last night as I don’t feel as good today. Bee feels bad and I think poor Ethan feel worse. He hasn’t had too much of a fever today but he is still stuffy and having a hard time breathing. He hates the aspirator thing. He hates having his nose wiped. He hates taking tylenol. He has a hard time nursing and occasionally gags and then throws up on me… Ugh. I feel so bad for him. He just makes little wimpering sounds while I rock him and it breaks my heart. I hate that I can’t do more for him.

Tomorrow (well today I guess) we plan on laying around and trying to rest.

3 thoughts on “Still Sick

  1. Hope you guys feel better soon 🙁 Will Ethan sit in the shower with you? That and a cool mist humidifier helped us a lot last time we had colds.

  2. I’m so sorry, you are all under the weather! UGGGG! Don’t you know, Mommy’s can’t get sick??? God speed….and your new Web Site looks GREAT!

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