Here is Aiden coughing and doing that choke thing last night. He did it ALL night long. He is on prevacid, we never miss a dose. Some days he only coughs a few times and other times he does this all day long. Like right now he is trying to take a nap, he is so tired, but I can hear him coughing and trying to clear his throat. His xray came back normal and showed no obstructions which the GI Doctor, Dr. Khoshoo thought would happen. But he wanted to do the xray anyway just to make sure.

So now what? No obstruction, hes on prevacid and continues to cough and choke. He has been doing this since he was born. Ive had friends mention or suggest its a milk protein allergy. Dr. Khoshoo doesn’t seem to think so. Some days Aiden will go without coughing and I will have had creamer in my coffee, ice cream and plenty other milk products. Wouldnt he have been coughing during that time if it was a allergy? Anyway, this continues to be extremely frustrating.