Watch where you are in the background of things. Be aware of where we are shooting.
Use flash when necessary
Not sure what was going on here, if you are having trouble, ask for help when you can.

watch composition and dont just take pictures to take them.
Lighting big halls is hard. Ask either Bee or I for help if you are getting results with the off camera flash that result in the room being so lit that you see the wall. We prefer more ambient light coming through. I think some of our reception work really separates us from other people but it definitely takes time, trial and error to get it right.
Just like we need you to be aware of where you are so you are not in the shot, be aware of where we are so you are not getting us in your shot. Unless of course ya’ll are being goofy! ha!

I think you were using the 17-35mm. Settings say you were at 35mm, so your zooming in and that is cutting out light. I would suggest staying at 17mm to let more light in or get a different lens. I think you might have been shooting from kind of far, maybe the stage?
Bee took this. I hate seeing the flash in the background like that when it looks like a ball of white fire coming at the camera. I yell at him all.the.time!
This is better room lighting.
again, watch beebe. try not to get peoples backs. We all do it, bee and I are guilty of it.

Also try to watch what you are taking a picture of. Looking at this image, what exactly is going on?

Watch the focus too

great lighting and composition
Try to get in there more. This picture isnt really of anything. Try to have purpose to the pictures, what is the focus, what is the action that is being captured.
When crazy dancing is going on, this is gonna happen. Here I wish Beebe hadnt been so far away. But what id really like to point out is you are holding the camera up, you didnt seem to take very many pictures during this, which is fine. But the ones you did take are focused on the floor and not the people dancing.

close up
Bee took this. I dont mind flare like this, as long as it isnt that fireball haha. I am always yelling at Bee.
Be aware of the off camera flash and how it is effecting exposure

From blowout above to underexposed. You took 2 but they are both this dark.
Dont be afraid to get in the crowd
Bee’s crowd picture
beautiful, perfect love it!

very nice
I normally would scream (at the computer while culling) if you were using the 70-200mm because I dont think its “usually” a good lens choice. Only because the 1st dance is something that needs to be captured well and that lens in a dark room leaves a lot of room for issues. However this is beautiful, lots of good ones from the first dances. Good job
dont be there, get up in front closer