This is Richie, our new adopted dog. Things are going well so far with him living with us, though I swear if he poops on my floor one more time hes getting the boot. Ha! Actually he hasn’t had any accidents that I know about lately…. I should stress the “I know about lately” part! I am not a Chihuahua person at all. I have never liked this breed of dog and have never seen myself owning one. But things are going well. He likes to play and Ethan thinks he is funny when he is running all around. Richie and Mr. Kitty had a little scuffle (Mr. Kitty has killed mice bigger then Richie) but they seem to be getting along much better now. Getting along meaning that Richie steers clear of Kitty.

1 thought on “Richie

  1. Hellllo!!!!! What a cute dog
    i have a Chihuahua myself and his name is louie and he can be mean sometimess!
    so make sure richie dont bite ethan!!!!! richie looks like my dog!!!

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