Today was a very nice and relaxing day. We slept in after working late at a wedding last night. The wedding was great though, lots of fun and great couple.

We went to Copelands for brunch with Dayna and Chad, which was really good. I had the french toast with banana flambe, so freaking good. The french toast was so nice and crispy on the outside, yum yum! Dayna had these great crabcakes with eggs benedict & cheesy grits. I didn’t have any of her eggs but I stole many bites of the grits, yum! Definitely not the healthiest things to eat, but what the heck. After brunch we came back to our house and watched my dvd on labor and birth. We laid on the couch and relaxed, the boys surfed the web or took naps (bee is the nap taker).

One of the funniest parts of this video is when the instructor is talking about losing the mucous plug and how some women will show their spouses. Dayna and I were laughing as Chad and Bee had horrified looks because we can see ourselves showing off this little item to our hubbies!

Then we decided to go and see the movie SuperBad… HILARIOUS! But I have to say the Palace movie theater didn’t design comfortable seating for pregnant women. Being 35 weeks pregnant and trying to sit for that length of time in those chairs is very uncomfortable. So funny movie, good time… not comfortable seating.

We always have a great time hanging out with Dayna and Chad and feel so lucky to have them as friends.