I’ve been reading a lot lately which is nice. In just a week I finished “No One You Know” & “Year of Fog” by Michelle Richmond. I like her books because they are set in San Francisco. The Year of Fog I literally finished in 3 days. Actually I think I read 1/2 of the book all at once about 2 nights ago. I just had to finish it. The book is about Abby who is walking on the beach with her soon to be step-daughter Emma who is six. She looks away for what seems like seconds and when she looks back Emma is gone. Yes gone, a parents nightmare, anyones nightmare!

I was up until 3am trying to finish that book, I guess I shouldn’t say trying. I DID finish it. I don’t think it was as good as No One You Know though. The beginning was very good, it really sucks you in. But as a parent all I then wanted to know was how it ended. I didn’t care about all these other story lines Michelle takes you on. I didn’t care about how she met Emma’s father nor did I care to read about some flashback from Abby’s childhood. Emma was missing. How do you start off with a child missing and then the entire middle is all these flash backs wrapped up with the present search for Emma? Character development? I did really enjoy the book and I did read the whole thing… but I also cheated a bit. I just didn’t care to read paragraphs describing something that I found to not be important. All I wanted to know is if they found Emma. So if I started reading a paragraph and it wasn’t keeping my interest I just moved forward. It was like driving by an accident, you have to look. Well I had to get to the end and find out what happened. And no I am not gonna tell you. You can borrow the book if you want.