We have been so busy lately that I have not had time to update the family blog. I seem to have an easier time taking pictures on my iPhone and uploading straight to facebook where it is then posted and available to be viewed by friends and family. Sometimes I dont even know who comes to our personal blog so I decided to check the stat counter today (www.statcounter.com) and found that we had 28 views yesterday and 22 today! wow! Thats small in comparison to our business site that got 1500 yesterday and over 1k today!

Ethan is getting so big and he is developing quite the attitude. I think its his age. It was like overnight he decided he was going to have melt downs over any little thing and that he no longer wanted to be sweet to his little brother. But besides this he is doing great. He loves letters and numbers and at 2 years 9 months he can spell many words. He has a great memory. He loves playing learning games on our iPhones. Well my mother in law has a password on hers and Ethan would always get frustrated when he picked up her phone because he couldn’t go right to his games. Finally she showed him he code. She punched it in while saying the numbers and he watched her very intently. She only showed him one time but he remembered it and didnt have any problems unlocking it himself.

Sometimes when I ask him to spell a word you can see the little wheels just turning in his head. Tonight, Jim was over and Ethan was calling him Uncle Jim. It was so cute.

Later when we were putting the kids to bed Beebe said, “If my brother were here Ethan would be saying and calling for Uncle Mike.”

But while Jim was still over and way before bedtime we were telling Etha: “Ethan, spell Jim” and he looked at us and was thinking about it. So we decided to help him out.

we made the J sound and Ethan yelled Jayyyyy

then we made then I sound “eyyyyeeee” he screams so proud and grinning

Mmmmmm we sound out, M!!!!

Ok Ethan, how do you spell Jim?

J. I. M.

The other day I was sitting with him and he starts to pet my breast and says “milk, M I L K, milk”

He is so funny. He has to spell the word and then say the word.

G R A M M Y, grammy! D A D D Y daddy!

Mr. Kitty will come in through his little door and Ethan will yell C A T cat! He gets so excited I think he yells everything!

Sometimes when we are driving Ethan yells “spelling game!” This is the game where I say a word and then he spells it to me. The words are small like cat, dog, tree, bike, daddy, grammy & mommy.

Aiden is doing well too. He is such a mommy’s boy where Ethan is a daddys boy. I guess we are lucky that they are not both Mommy or Daddys boys.

Aiden is crawling, well kind of. He sort of sits on his butt and uses his 1 leg and 2 arms to drag his butt around. Its pretty cute and funny at the same time. He is really such a sweet little boy. He sleeps through the night wonderfully, way better then Ethan ever has. Actually Ethan still does NOT sleep through the night. Even Ethan waking up and crying at weird hours does not stir Aiden. And if it does wake him he’ll sit up, look at Ethan and then lay back down and go to sleep.

I have to apologize for the videos being sideways. I am not sure why they are that way. They play just fine on the iPhone.

the Boys playing. Notice how after Ethan knocks Aiden over he jumps up and says “aiden crying” but Aiden wasn’t crying. So… was Ethan concerned about Aiden or was he trying to knock him over on purpose, which usually when he does this Aiden does cry.

Ethan spelling. This one is kind of old, you can tell because Ethan’s hair is really short. Thankfully it has grown back in somewhat!

Aiden playing with a ball

Here is Ethan at Bookoo bounce having fun. He went all the way up by himself and then slid down!

They thought me taking the phone case away was funny. Silly boys

Bath time fun

Ethan spelling

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  1. I love to hear updates about the boys since I don’t get to see you guys. They are both so cute and Aiden looks so much like you! I can’t believe how smart Ethan is, that’s amazing! He does way more than Hayden who is almost 5 LOL … Hayden started to get mean to Emelyn about the same time. I think once the babies start to sit up, crawl, etc. they realize that they are small people and not just little things. Hayden used to knock Emelyn over all the time when she would sit up! Glad to hear you guys are well!

  2. Im glad to hear it really is just a phase and hopefully Ethan will outgrow it. Strangely Ethan really seems to like Daphne, Daynas little girl. He calls her his baby and wants to hold her. If only he could like his brother like that!

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