Today we had a pretty busy day! Gym… Babies R Us and last minute purchases and we tried to get our car seat installed.

Our appointment on Tuesday went well. I had glucose in my urine so they had to prick my finger (boo) but everything was fine. I am 2cm dilated and 70% effaced! So we’ve had some changes from the 1cm and 60% I was last week! My doctor seemed really pleased about that. I have been losing some (TMI) mucous plug, fun! Thats always interesting! Never a dull moment with all the exciting things that happen to you during pregnancy.

We got this play yard today and we love it. Its all put together and ready to go.
I had told Beebe I wanted a pair of earrings that don’t dangle, something more like studs. After holding several of my friends babies and almost losing my ear because of my dangling earrings, I decided that I needed earrings that are not easy to grab. But I need to wear earrings. The ones I normally wear were given to me by my mother in law as a wedding gift. They are beautiful diamond earrings and I wear them 24 hours a day.

My sister in law Rebecca has beautiful earrings so I told Beebe something similar to hers, or maybe something with a center stone and then some little stones. We talked about this a few weeks ago and the other day he surprised me with these!