We had our first appointment today with Dr. Mike Heller at Napoleon Pediatric. We liked Dr. Heller. He was really nice and answered our questions about Ethan’s apnea monitor and the acid reflux. He wasn’t very concerned about the monitor and told us Ethan is fine and healthy.

Ethan now weighs 7lbs 7oz and I cant remember (bad mommy) but I think he is 20.5 inches.

The only thing we were concerned about was that we never saw Dr. Heller at the hospital while Ethan and I were there. He never visited Ethan in the NICU or checked on us. Some other lady doctor from his office had originally seen Ethan because Dr. Heller was off that day. When we asked Dr. Heller he said it was because he didn’t even know about us until yesterday. So I guess the other doctor didn’t tell Heller what happened? I dont know what the deal is, or why the communication is so bad. The other doctor also failed to communicate to me that my son had been moved to the NICU. Since my OB, who I love and respect highly recommended Dr. Heller, we are going to continue to see him a few more times. But I had really been hoping that when he walked into our room he would have apologized or said something to make us feel like we would be well taken care of from here on out. Im not saying we dont feel good about seeing him, but it still upsets me how things were handled at the hospital and lack of anything from our ped.

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Dayna and Chad had their 4d ultrasound and got some really cool pictures. We can’t wait to meet Baby Dyle!