My baby shower

I had my baby shower today! I had the best time and can’t thank all my wonderful friends enough! I am so lucky to have them! Jamie made the cutest little favors, I already posted the awesome invites from Jessica. Dayna put up her house and so much more. Kristy decorated and made it all so cute! Ms. Debbie helped a bunch and our friend Diem from Bella Blooms Floral made gorgeous arrangements. Grandma and Ba Noi helped too, I cant thank them enough either! The whole tea theme was so cute, all the little tea foods were so good! I loved the blueberry scones, yum.

My cake was awesome! I had a huge slice! It was so cute too. Dayna brought the bakery pictures from my blog of Ethan’s bedding and they duplicated the little safari animals! Too cute!

I got so many wonderful gifts, I’ll be writing thank you’s for days! I really can’t thank everyone enough. Beebe and I appreciate everything so much.

The yummy cake from Flour Power

The beautiful flowers

The yummy scones!

All the pregnant ladies!

Opening some gifts!