Im really good at blogging pictures, I am not so good at writing on the blog. It takes so much time to get both pictures and updates on the blog that I usually just do the pictures. My mom and grandma look at the blog the most and they want to see pictures. They talk to me on the phone almost every day or every other day, so anything they would read would be old news anyway!

On Mothers day we went to Patricks baptism at Saint Catherine. It was a nice little ceremony. Beebe took pictures while I entertained Ethan and sometimes Collin too. The A/C was broken in the church, so that wasn’t any fun. Thankfully there were some fans blowing to keep us cool. Bee took a ton of pictures, none of which I have prepared for the blog yet. But if I were doing that, I wouldn’t be writing anything! The pictures did come out great, I assure you! After the baptism we went to the Perrone household for crawfish. My loving husband peeled me a ton of crawfish. I think it was the first time he ever peeled crawfish. Beebe doesn’t eat it, he doesn’t like them at all. But he sat there and peeled a bunch for me. They were really yummy too! I enjoyed several pieces of garlic too, yum!

We had a really good time and are very thankful that we were invited over. We got some pictures of the boys in their Fiesta outfits and some with them in lobsters/crab clothing. Andrea and Brian will be moving back this summer. I can’t wait to have another little dude around! Patrick is so precious, he is just perfect. I did edit some pictures from our little photoshoot the other night. I meant to get to some of the baptism ones and I will still try.

We headed to Beebe’s mom house after our bellys were full (bee ate corn, garlic & sausage) to give her the pictures we had printed and framed of Ethan. After visiting with her for awhile we came home and relaxed. It was a really nice day. I am convinced my mothers day present from Ethan was 7 hours of sleep. We had photographed weddings the night before and didn’t get home until late. My wedding had a 2nd line out to the street from the hotel, which was awesome. I think at that point it was about 12:08am. Then I was off to the hotel parking to get my car. It took about 30+ minutes for the parking staff to get my car. I was the only person waiting, I am not sure what took so long. But I am not current with the procedure of retrieving a car from a parking garage, so at almost 12:40am I was finally in my car and on my way home.

Bee finished before me so he went to Kenner to get Ethan from my inlaws. I felt so bad that they had to watch him so long. Once we were all home and getting into bed I think it was close to 2am. We have begun putting Ethan to sleep in his crib. I thought this was going to be a tough transition for him, but I think its been harder on me. The first night we put him to sleep in his crib he woke up after being asleep for 2 hours and I brought him in bed with us. The next night I nursed him right before I went to bed and he slept longer. My grandma bought us this awesome video monitor, so I can always see and hear him. I noticed the next night when he woke up that he didn’t seem to be really awake. He makes little noises and moves around, which I always thought he was hungry. I would always get him and put him to my breast and he would eat. But if I leave him alone for just a minute he just moves around and settles down. Im not sure if he is ever really waking up. However I am really waking up every time I hear him make a noise! I look at a the video monitor, staring at it trying to see if he is awake. Then I get completely out of bed and go in his room and stand over looking at him. Im getting less sleep with him in his room. I thought I was supposed to get more sleep?

I put Ethan down around 11pm every night. Yes its late I know, but I am a night person and I like to sleep in. So I dont mind if he goes to bed late as long as he sleeps in too. So Ethan is usually in bed around 11. I usually go to bed between 1-2am. Whenever I do finally go upstairs for the night, I go in Ethan’s room, pick him up and nurse him. He never wakes up but he nurses from both breasts. Then I lay him back down, drunk from the boobie juice and go to bed. So this has been my little routine with him for about 5 nights.

Well the night before mothers day after I put him to sleep, I am actually the one who woke up before Ethan! I woke up about 9am from feeling full and because I heard something from the monitor. Ethan was kind of awake, reaching out and spinning one of the toys that is attached to the crib. Then he stopped and closed his eyes. I figured I better grab that opportunity to go and pump, the first thing I do every morning. By 10am Ethan still wasn’t awake and at 1030 I woke him up so we could all shower. So my mothers day gift from Ethan was 7 hours of sleep.

Sadly, it was only a one night deal.