Ethan is getting 2 more teeth in, the bottom lateral incisors. I think that is what his pediatrician said. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t know what I am talking about. I am running on little sleep and its starting to make me a bit nutty. Ethan has been so miserable and has been running a low fever. He was sleeping pretty good through the night but that has ended. The last couple of nights he has been waking up at 3-4am and crying. Normally when he wakes up I just nurse him back to sleep. Not now. He wakes up and cries, I nurse him and he cries more. So Beebe walks around with him and we try to sooth him but he just keeps crying. We give him tylenol and teething tablets and baby orajel but he just keeps on being miserable. I keep saying Poor Ethan, now I say poor us!

At his Ethan’s doctor appointment he weighed 19lbs 7oz and is 28 inches long. He is in the 30th percentile for both, but the doctor isn’t worried. She looked at Beebe and I and said we were not going to have the next Shaquille O’Neal. Bummer.

Here are some pictures of Ethan in the tub tonight.