There is nothing like waking up with heartburn. Fun! Ethan has had the hiccups at least once a day. I read that this is normal and I shouldn’t be concerned. He has also been quite active lately, so that has been nice for Beebe, he can feel him moving around from the outside. I am 34 weeks!
Other then the heartburn I have been feeling pretty good, just uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that the heat here is unbearable! We will definitely think about weather and the time of year for our next child!

We are hoping that Ethan is still a “Ethan” when he comes out! We were watching a dvd about labor, “Laugh & Learn about Childbirth” and at the end they do a reunion with the couples who were on the dvd. Well TWO of the couples who were told they were having boys had GIRLS! Beebe and I looked at each other and were like uh oh! Hopefully after 3 ultrasounds checking, Ethan is still a boy, otherwise we’ll have a Mia with a very big wardrobe of boy clothes! haha. Actually it wouldn’t be that funny!

We have Jessica’s couples shower on Aug. 25th so I am looking forward to that, especially the cake. On the 28th we have a prenatal class we are taking at East Jefferson Hospital and on the 31st we have our baptism seminar at St. Christopher’s. September will be here before we know it!