Watch your camera settings.

The settings for this image are:

Model NIKON D700
Shutter Speed 1/25 s
F-Number f/4.5
ISO ISO 5000
Flash Flash did not fire
Focal Length 70 mm

Len’s choice is often key. If you can use a lens that opens to 1.4 then use it. Being at 5000 iso but f/4.5, your kind of hitting the brake and gas at the same time. You want more light but your cutting it out, and the low shutter leaves you open for blurry pictures.

Also remember, shutter is going to control ambient light. The people look orange, Im guessing there was some horrid overhead light. That low shutter of 1/25 is letting in that light and giving that weird cast.

Check the exposure. We dont shoot raw and there isnt a way to fix this in jpg. Basically had to delete all these pictures. Look at the camera, make sure that the image you are taking is good for exposure and color. Dont just keep firing away with settings that dont work. If you are stuck, dont hesitate to ask Beebe and I to help you.
Dont shoot from this angle.
Model NIKON D700
Shutter Speed 1/160 s
F-Number f/2.8
ISO ISO 5000
Exposure Bias Value 0.00 eV
Metering Mode Spot

Here is an example of where you should be at a lower shutter, as low as you can comfortable hand hold it, maybe 1/60. The combination of a high iso and shutter makes muddy pictures. I dont know why technically, I just know it happens.

I cant tell what your white balance was, could be more blue. Other then that we can crop later (you were already at 200mm)

Lighting is nice and its in focus.
Dont shoot readers this way.
Make sure you know what you are taking a picture of. My mantra is, dont just take pictures to take them. Anyone can do that

Granted I realize there are times there might be a lot going on, especially when the crowd makes a circle and 1-3 people are in the middle dancing all crazy. Sure, shoot like crazy because you dont know what is going to happen and you dont want to miss THAT shot.

And yes we all make the mistake of photographing peoples backs or whatever, but try not too.
nice! But please remember to take at least 2 shots in case someone closes an eye.