Ethan is learning to crawl. Last night we took some video of it and I will add that soon. He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth. He scoots around and 1/2 drags himself all over the place. He sees something and really wants to go and get it. He often gets frustrated when he can’t get to something he wants. He is usually a very happy baby. He is getting a lot more interested in food, at least in the food I am eating. He will open his mouth if I try to give him MY food. But if I try to give him baby food he makes his mouth go in a little circle, like he is about to make a kiss or suck on a straw. Its so weird.

He slept in his pack and play last night, it was his first night out of our bed. I wanted to see if he would sleep any better out of our bed. He wakes up during the night and I always think its to eat, so I automatically put him to my breast. And from there he automatically starts to nurse. Sometimes he actually eats and other times he just soothes himself. I also wasn’t sure if maybe Beebe or I were waking him up or if maybe when the cat comes in the room and jumps on the bed, if he wakes Ethan up. Well last night Ethan slept very well. He cried out once and I woke up and looked over at him. I could see him clearly in the light and he wasn’t awake. He made another noise and then was quiet. The next time he woke up was 5am so I brought him into bed with us and fed him. We slept until 9 after that and then Daddy got him out of bed to shower.

Ethan had 2 blowouts today. I had put him in this cute little outfit. I was taking some test shots of him and Bee. He wasn’t smiling for me which is a bit unusual. Then Beebe smelled it. I was like NOOO!!! Save the outfit! Sadly we didn’t. I needed to take it off him and apply shout. The next outfit… same thing. At least I got some pictures in the first outfit.

Here are some cute pictures from Yesterday. We sat Ethan on the bench that Ong made for us. He balanced himself really well. I just love how his little feet dangle. He looks so grown up here.