Tonight Kayleigh says

“Aunt Corine, I want Uncle Mike back”

Hmmm…. He cant come back sweetie

“But we should go pick him up”

Pick him up from where?

“hes on vacation and we should go get him”


“ok, he can stay in heaven to keep Lucky company”

Twice a week, sometimes more I pick up Kayleigh from summer camp and then I go get Ethan. He is so excited when he gets in the car and see Kay. He has started to try to say her name. It sounds so cute. He says lots of words now, Mommy, Daddy, Ong Noi, Apple, Ball, puppy, eye, Ashley and others. He doesnt’t always talk though and never when I seem to want him too.

Dayna and I have the same problem. We try to get our kids to talk, because we know they can and then nothing! Its like, I promise I am not lying, my kid CAN talk!

Ethan and Kayleigh color together. She is like a big sister. I give her snacks when she gets home, watermelon, animal crackers, cereal or whatever she wants. She always says, “What about Ethan?” and then she shares hers with him. She feeds him too. She is so good with little kids. It makes me sad to think of the day when she outgrows him. I know there will come a day when she is too old to play with him.

The pregnancy is going well. Lots and lots of baby movement. I think way more then I felt with Ethan and I felt it earlier too. Im tired a lot, but cant sleep. I get heartburn but I think its worse when I dont eat. Speaking of eating, I love watermelon. First it was rootbeer floats, now its watermelon. So this pregnancy is very similar to Ethan. But how do you not eat cold watermelon in this hot summer weather? Its just so good and refreshing! Reminds me of summer time at my grandma’s old house in Menlo Park. My grandparents had a pool and we would swim and eat watermelon.

Last night I went and saw The Proposal with Dayna and Brandi. Hilarious! It was worth the wait, i think we saw the first preview like 5 months ago.

Now I am anxiously awaiting The Time Travelers Wife. Loved the book!