We are in Destin once again and it is great to be here!

We left Thursday morning at about 7am! Yes we made it out that early. We had thought we would leave by 730 or so. We told my inlaws to come for 7. Well at 555am they call to say they were heading over… ahhhhh!! So Beebe and I jumped out of bed and into the shower and were just about ready by the time they got to our house. Then they loaded up the uhaul, yes a uhaul, and we were on the way. Let me back up to explain the uhaul. My inlaws insisted on taking 1 vehicle and thought we could all fit in their toyota. OK, mostly my father in law. There was just no way we were going to comfortably fit in that thing. Ms. Xuan and I laughed over how he said he would “sit on the floor” or “lay down” Ha! So I sent Beebe to see what uhaul had in the trailer department. I figured that would be good to tow behind my car. Then everyone would have a comfy seat and we could manage to bring our luggage too!

Beebe rented his cute little uhaul trailer and it fit everything perfectly. So we were on the road, all packed up and excited to be going to the beach!

The weather was amazing when we arrived at about 1230 and we went right to our townhouse, #11 at Sandollar. We were less then pleased with this townhouse. It was a DUMP and not only that but had safety hazzard after saftey hazzard, so not child friendly. And did I mention it is a DUMP?! We complained to the owners that said they could send back their cleaning people… um I dont think they ever came in the first place. We sent pictures which they didn’t even acknowledge or apologize for. They said they would bring child gates since there were several sets of dangerous stairs. But what about the wires hanging from everywhere? The lights that didn’t work? I mean this place was disgusting. It reminded us of one of those movies where you see the drug dealers sitting around playing cards while some dirty guy with no teeth cooks up meth in the other room. Yeah…. it was that bad that we decided to leave and stay where we originally wanted to stay. We just couldn’t have the kids there. We have pictures and video of this place. I mean some people might think “its not that bad” but um this is our family vacation. I would consider it “not that bad” if it were free. Actually scratch that, it still would be bad. Here are a few pictures of the grossness, the bbq pit, the downstairs freezer, the wires hanging from the TVs and being all over the floor.
Even though Sandollar Townhouse #11 in Destin Florida was a dump we did enjoy our first day on the beach. It was awesome. The water was warm but did have a lot of seaweed. But that didnt bother us. The waves had created like a sand bar. So it went beach, calm water, sandbar and then ocean. This was perfect! It was deep enough in the calm area that Ethan could swim and jump to us. It was really great. The first time he jumped we were like, oh no and reached to catch him but he held his breath and came up smiling. It is SO nice not having to worry about him swallowing water and coughing. He had such a good time and we did too. After our first night in the dump we couldnt stay there any longer and left and checked into the Villa Coyaba where I had wanted to stay. Thankfully we were all able to get in, the Dyles too. Their townhouse was not as bad as ours but had the same safety hazzards.Anyway, enough about the dump. Villa Coyaba is wonderful. Its 2200 sq ft of gorgeous condo, brand new, clean, infinity swimming pool, granite counters, viking appliances… so nice! We are staying here next year and getting a condo on the first floor. I would recommend to anyone wanting to come to Destin http://www.360blueproperties.com/Villa-Coyaba-Rentals/ You can also find some of the listings on VRBO.

Our first day on the beach here was wonderful too. Great weather, the boys really enjoyed it. Ethan again loved playing in the ocean and he really enjoyed the pool. Also today Beebe’s uncle Binh came with his wife Tina and 3 kids Elena, TK and Athena. Aiden adores Athena.