Today is Asian New Year and we will be going to Bee’s parents house for dinner. Bee’s mom always said we should have a baby in the year of the pig because she was born in that year. So when she found out we were due this year she was very excited and now we are hearing that this is a special year called the year of the Golden Pig. Aparently it’s a pretty big deal in Asian countries.

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Well good luck year or not, my little golden piggie is keeping me on my toes. Literally as sometimes I have to run to the bathroom because of my nausea. Yuck! Lately the only thing that seems to calm my stomach is the worst thing I could possibly consume, McDonalds chocolate milk shakes and greesy french fries. Why is this the food that I can eat without problem? But all my low fat yogurt, bran cereals, eggs, cottage cheese and fruit make me feel like crap? Shouldn’t the healthy stuff make me feel good?

Everyone keeps telling me that I will love pregnancy soon as all this morning sickness crap goes away. Oh and whoever decided to call this morning sickness must never have experienced it, because it doesn’t just happen in the morning. It happens morning, afternoon and at night.

Bellylaughs Bee and I have bought several baby books and my favorite by far has been Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs. I think I will appreciate this book even more after I give birth because then I’ll be able to look back and laugh at how right she was about some things. My favorite chapter so far is the Snail Trail Chapter. You’ll have to buy the book to understand. I’ve explained to some friends of mine who have children and they laughed and said, “yep, I remember that part!”

I think every woman should own this book if for no other reason then to get a good laugh and know they are not alone in these weird changes our bodies are going through.

We are 9 weeks pregnant today.