Well we are finally home and settled in. I have had so much help and support. Of course my inlaws have been amazing with watching the boys and coming to help with everything. I am so lucky to have them, especially because my mom is so far away. I cant wait for the playroom to be finished and I can show what my awesome father in law has been putting together!

I also have so many awesome friends for helping out, bringing food and just being there to talk. We are so blessed!

So I was scheduled to deliver Mia on Aug 29 and was not due until Sept 5. Well Mia had ideas of her own of when she wanted to come.

Thursday night I wasnt having any contractions and nothing was happening that would make me think I was going to go in Labor. Bee and I were trying to figure out dinner, one of those “What do you want?” “I dont know, what do you want” type of things. And suddenly I felt wet. It wasn’t like a big gush so at first I was like, did I just pee on myself a little? Ha! Ive never experienced my water breaking before.

It was more of a trickle and it just kept happening. I started to get upset because I was worried she’d go to the nicu and not be developed enough. I was 37 weeks and 3 days at that point. I know 37 weeks is considered full term but sometimes the lungs might not be developed enough or the baby may have a hard time maintaining their temperature. Also mom wasn’t scheduled to fly in until the 27th. There was a lot of things unfinished.

Well we went to the hospital and they confirmed it was my water that broke. I was going to be so embarrassed if they said, nope you pee’d on yourself. Ha!

So they started prepping me for the c-section. Things were happening a little faster then I would have liked so Jason, our friend who was going to photograph the birth wasn’t able to drive in in time, he lives 2 hours away. So Bee took pictures and my best friend Dayna came in and video’d.

Mia Ashley was born at 9:49pm and weight 7lb 2oz and was 20 inches long. She was bigger then both her brothers at birth and they came at 39 weeks. So if she had cooked a little longer she might have been even bigger!

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  1. Congrats to the Tran family on a beautiful little addition! You are so blessed that your daughter’s birth has been so well documents (and she is too). You have a beautiful family.

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