I have been trying to get Ethan to get solid foods. He simply doesn’t have any interest, boobie juice is good enough for him. However Mommy would love it if Ethan would start on solids, be more full and maybe just maybe sleep through the night. And no, my son is not sleeping through the night. If you ask Beebe if Ethan is sleeping through the night Beebe will tell you yes because BEEBE is sleeping through the night. However, mommy and Ethan are not. Ethan normally wakes maybe once or twice to eat.

He has recently been going through a growth spurt and waking about every 2 hours. Yes, every TWO! I literally put him to sleep and its like clockwork how this boy wakes up to eat 2 hours later. Needless to say I have been a bit crabby lately.

Tonight we went to Fire & Ice for Dayna’s birthday dinner. Stacy, Amanda, Randy, Rusty, Beebe, Collin, Ethan and Joey all came. We had a lot of fun and the food was good. Back at Dayna’s house we enjoyed yummy cake from Flour Power. It was the white russian one, so yummy! I love cake… for my birthday (which is chad’s too) I want the white chocolate strawberry. We had a really great time tonight hanging out with everyone. An extra treat was that Jason Cohen came through and stopped in and said hi. He brought with him some yummy chocolate bread! I love that man!

At dinner tonight Ethan sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. He didn’t stay in it long though. He was getting squirmy. We’ve started to notice that Ethan hates eating out. Hmmm… maybe that is a sign that we need to start eating in more often. Ethan often gets squirmy and whiny whenever we eat out these days. If you get up from the table and walk around he is fine, if you leave the restaurant he is even better! But sitting at the table he is a total turd. Sitting at home with him he is fine. I don’t know what it is about restaurants that makes him go into turd mode.

So back to the solids… Ethan still purses his lips and moves his head away from the spoon when I am trying to feed him. He is 7 months today and only wants to breastfeed. I guess we’ll keep trying to give him solids and eventually he’ll “get it”. At least that is what everyone tells us. Today I gave Ethan some rice and he spit it out. Can you imagine, an Asian kid spitting out rice? Ha! Actually he only spit it out like the 4th spoon full I had given him. The first 3 went over pretty well. Its pretty bland tasting and I think he likes that. He makes the sour lemon face whenever I give him apples or peas. I wonder if its really the taste that bothers him or if its the texture?

Ethan is definitely grabbing things more now. He picks up anything near him and wants to bring it to his mouth. He is working very hard at learning to use his forefinger and thumb to grab things. Today we were sitting outside in the front with my neighbor Toni enjoying the great weather we are having. Toni had Ethan between her legs and he was so focused on trying to grab her necklace. Several times he managed to do so. He loves grabbing at mine. I noticed today though that he was almost grabbing it with his forefinger and thumb instead of just using his whole hand to grab. My little man is growing so much!