Two of my moms friends and coworkers, Jay & Nancy, came to New Orleans to enjoy the French Quarter Fest! My mom couldn’t get off of work and was unable to come! I was so sad about that because it would have been so much fun! But I did get to visit with Jay & Nancy. Beebe and I took them to dinner at NOLA’s in the city. Thank you Chad & Chef Mike for getting us the reservation! The food was delicious! Today I brought them to the airport this morning after bringing them by the house to see Beebe and Ethan. They had a great time at the festival and maybe next year Bee and I will go and walk around. We were just so busy this weekend. We each had a wedding both Friday and Saturday. Sunday we went to a tasting at Tchoupitulas Plantation and it was wonderful, then we had the dinner plans with Jay & Nancy… and then it was Monday! Nancy has a daughter my age and I went to grammer school with her. Its always nice when people from back home come out here and visit. Its like having a little piece of my old home come to my new home. Here are some pictures we took to share.