Today Ethan is 1 week old. It doesn’t seem like its been a week already. I think that is because we spent so much time at the hospital. This is only our 3rd day home.

Things have been going pretty well. Ethan is a really good baby, he just sleeps, eats and poops. haha! He seems to sleep the best during the day so we need to work on getting him to have these longer naps at night so mommy and daddy can get some sleep.

Bee & I took the CPR class at EJ today. It was pretty good though its still scary to think about performing cpr on a small infant like Ethan. I’d be worried about breaking him! But I am glad we got the training. Ethan has not had any apnea episodes.

I am still in a lot of pain. I know other people who have had c-sections and they never complained about the pain that way I do. I have only made it upstairs twice since we have come home. Climbing the stairs is just too difficult. The burning pain has gone away for the most part, unless I move in certain positions. Bee & I have been sleeping downstairs which hasn’t been that comfortable. But I cant climb in and out of our bed because it is so high.