With Ba & Ong getting ready to go to Graceland and no this wasn’t vacation, this was evacuation!

After working our weddings on Saturday Aug 30 we packed up and headed out, fleeing Gustav on Sunday Aug 31. We went to Olive Branch MS for a short stay. Being so close to Memphis and the home of Elvis, we couldnt pass up going! So we headed to Graceland, along with the other evacuees in the area! The place was packed. The workers there said its never so busy. After that we hit up Beale Street which I guess could be compared to our Bourbon Street… kind of. Just more tame and clean.

We ended our trip the next day when we came back home.

At the giftshop posing
In line for the bus

Outside the front of Elvis’s home

Inside Elvis’s house.
In front of the dining room
Elvis’s kitchen
the tv room

ceiling of the game room

This was the carpet… not on the floor but the walls.
Ethan looking into the jungle room

in the backyard

2 thoughts on “Ethan goes to Graceland

  1. Whew! Only "The Tran Family" can turn what might have been a National Tragedy, into a gorgeous, and fun, Photo Shoot! Thank God, and here I thought you might be ‘hunkered’ down in some cheap hotel!

    How is your house? Do you know if there is any damage? Thank God, you are all fine, as fine can be!

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