Well, our 4d ultrasound was today and Ethan was not cooperating. His little face was turned away so we didn’t get a good picture of him. However the u/s tech is great and she is having us come back to try again. We did get some good ones of his little feet, toes and legs. And yes, another of his penis. We had to look and make sure he was still a boy! Auntie Rebecca has already bought Ethan several of the cutest outfits with Ethan embroidered on them! Wouldn’t want to have to change that to Ethana!

Ethan’s legs and feet
We are still a boy! And like most boys, hes not shy and shows his stuff! Too bad he wouldn’t show his face!
Our feet, toes and legs again

Part of Ethan’s profile, but the umbelical cord was in front of his face a little.