Ethan is getting so big. He is almost 2, just a few more days. I cant believe it. He doesnt even look like a baby anymore, he is getting so grown up.

He loves letters, numbers, colors and shapes. He walks around and see’s something and starts saying what it is, “R, A, B” and so on. Its really cute. He loves to color, he loves blues clues too. I think its so cute when he is watching Blues Clues and something funny happens and he starts to laugh too. Or when there is a clue and he starts yelling “a clue a clue” at the TV.

4 thoughts on “Ethan being silly

  1. oh my, he is so cute! and getting so big! He looks like a little man instead of a baby. I love the last picture. That is awesome. I want one of my Ethan like that!!

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