I can’t believe Ethan is 8 months old! He is just getting so big! He has 2 bottom teeth(central incisors), the two lateral incisors and is now getting the top central incisors. I think these new two are bothering him because he has been a little fussy and clingy lately. He is getting around much better these days though mostly he does a weird Army crawl. He kind of drags himself around while kicking his legs out. He has not quite mastered getting on his hands and knees and moving them all together. Thats not to say he hasn’t tried! But then he seems to get frustrated because he isn’t moving fast enough, so he drops down to his tummy and starts dragging himself.

He is usually very happy and loves to play. Today we took a long walk around the neighborhood in his new stroller. It was my mothers day gift. The new stroller is so comfy Ethan fell asleep 1/2 through our walk.

Ethan spends Fridays and Saturday with his grandparents while Beebe and I work weddings. Ethan adores his grandparents, especially Ba. He literally wants to jump out of my arms for her. Its very sweet.