We had a fabulous time in Destin. I am sad it is over. Here are some photos from our first day. We got in Sunday night and these were taken Monday. It was kind of yucky outside and rain was in the forecast. Sunday night the wind blew so hard we wondered if the house was going to blow away! The rain battered against the windows. But Monday it seemed to clear up a little.

Here is Ethan playing in the baby pool, sans water, in the house.
Isn’t Collin adorable? His skin looks like porcelain
Dayna & Chad in the Kitchen
Looks pretty stormy. The waves were rough and the red flags were out on the beach.
Ethan knocked out. All that fake swimming was tiring.
sleepy heads!
Little shark bait
The men in my life


That water is a little chilly!

I dont care that I am blurry, I like this picture!
not sure if he likes it!

that water doesn’t look too blue!

sleeping on the beach
mommy sleeping
my baby