Dayna and Chad are expecting a little bundle of joy! I am so happy for them and think they will be great parents. I am thrilled Dayna and I are pregnant together. Ethan will have a playmate! I bought Dayna several books. My favorite is Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. I read Belly Laughs and it was so funny. I bougth Chad a book too called Pregnancy Sucks for Men. Its kind of like the Jenny McCarthys book but written for men. It’s pretty funny.

The other night we celebrated Dayna & Kristy’s birthday. Nicole was in town and Jess came down from Lafayette. It was so good to see everyone. I don’t think we have any pictures though, whats up with that? All those cameras and no pictures of us! I still need to put up the ones we did take from our Christmas get together.

Jess and Mark’s wedding is getting closer and closer! I can’t believe its almost June. We will have been in our house for 1 year. August is Jess & Mark’s couples shower. I suggested a Laua and they liked the idea. I think that will be a lot of fun and hopefully our backyard will be completed. I have lots of cute ideas and I can’t wait! I was just discussing with Dayna today!

We finally got our 3 drawer dresser in and only have one more thing we are waiting on to come in. We have plenty of time though. We love the Baby’s Room, they are always so nice! When we were there they asked how Dayna was doing and I said she wasn’t feeling so well and they gave me these preggo pops to give her. We almost have the nursery complete. I’ll probably go to register soon.

We have had some really busy weekends and many more to come. June & July seem to be our busiest months with weddings. We have been doing a lot of portrait shoots lately as our couples are trying to beat the really hot summer weather. We had two today in the French Quarter and it wasn’t too bad as long as we stayed in the shady areas. We managed to grab some beignets and iced coffee! Yum!