We had a great trip to CA, but it was exhausting! We left early Sunday morning, we were at the airport for 6am. Yuck! We were all checked in, in our seats and ready to go when we were told the plane had a flat! So we had to wait for that to be repaired causing us to miss our connection. Our new flight was delayed 50 minutes. So it was a long first day and by the time we got to my grandmas house we just wanted to crash! Thankfully Ethan was wonderful on the plane. His ears didn’t bother him, he mostly slept and wasn’t fussy at all. His new little tooth had broken through the gums and he was no longer a cranky monster pod baby.

It was so good to see my mom and grandma! Ethan had the best time playing with my mom. I wish I had brought the video camera. He would crawl after her and laugh and laugh.

On Monday we went and visited my Noni. My sisters Gay Lyn and Lindsey came down to visit me. My niece Jasmine came too. It was so great seeing everyone. Lindsey is so grown up and Jasmine is too! I can hardly believe it!

Tuesday we went over to Half Moon Bay and visited with Lorina, Anthony and Camden. Lorina and I sipped champagne before going off to meet my mom, grandma, Auntie Regie and Charlene for dinner. it was Auntie Regie’s birthday dinner. We went to Vans restaurant and everything was great, the company most of all!

Wednesday was our last day in town and we went over to Walnut Creek to visit Beebe’s Uncle Nam, Aunt Ha and his cousin Christine. Peter wasn’t in town. We had a great dinner!

We didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to see. Even though we were there for 4 days, it just wasn’t enough time. Hopefully next time we can plan better and see more friends and family.

My beautiful sister Gay Lyn
My other beautiful sister Lindsey

My beautiful Niece Jasmine

Beebe with the girls

Grandma Sue and Ethan
playing around
Pilot sniffing Ethan. We are naming our next dog Pilot. My mom picks the best dog names!
Lorina and Ethan


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  1. Awesome new blog! I just loved reading about your trip. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time with the family. And oh my… you and your sisters!! I could TOTALLY tell you all are sisters!

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