We have been so busy lately, its exhausting. I have SO many pictures to add and I have fallen horribly behind on getting Ethan’s pictures on the blog. I still need to get his birthday pictures up. Then he has had lots of fun things going on this past week. Monday we had a baby indoor play date and we had a blast! Then Tuesday we had another baby indoor play date and had tons of fun then too! Wednesday was our big bridal show and I have to say it went extremely well! We have already booked 2 weddings and set up several meetings, yay!

Thursday we headed over to Gymrompers and I took lots of pictures! Ethan had so much fun but he was so worn out by the time it was over. We love Gymrompers and I am very glad we joined. Many mommies from our baby indoor play dates also go to the same class as us, so we have been making so many friends!

After Gymrompers we were invited to Isabell’s house and I have pictures from there as well. I need to get on the ball and post these pictures!

I am jumping ahead of everything and posting a few from today. While Beebe was doing Haley & Travis’s formals I took these of Ethan in this adorable outfit that Khanh and Linda bought for his birthday. Isn’t it SO cute?!!

6 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. Oh, Yeah, Corine, he is BEYOND…CUTE! I am so glad you were not hurt, from the Hurricanes!!! Your sweet family, gives us all…HOPE!

    N.Mc. 😉

  2. Oh wow, those are amazing shots of him, he is so freaking cute! I love that outfit, too! Can’t wait to see all the other pics, we used to do Gymrompers with Hayden when he was that age 🙂

  3. Yes he is ALL over now! The outfit was a gift from Ethan’s little girlfriend Lauren (Khanh & Linda’s daughter). I love it!

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