I have been able to spend some time reading lately and it has been great. I really enjoy reading. When I was a child my mom loved that I would read, until that is, I wouldn’t do any chores but sit with my face in a book. She said it was like I was watching tv, she would call and call my name and I would never respond, just as if I were totally enthralled by a TV show. You know that glossy look kids get over there face while they are watching some mindless program on TV. Thats how I was with books. I can still get like that with a good book. Lately I have not had much time to read, but I have finally found some time to be able to enjoy this one thing.

When its time for Ethan to take his nap or go to sleep at night, I bring him upstairs and get us both situated on my very comfortable rocking chair. Then I prop up my feet on the ottoman, Ethan starts to nurse and I grab my book. I have pretty quickly finished up the last 2 novels in a series I have been reading by http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/ I started with Twilight. At first I bought it after reading the synopsis at Barnes and Nobles. Then it sat in the barnes and noble bag, pretty much tossed aside. At that time Ethan was still sleeping with us and I didn’t have time to read. So fast forward, I am sitting in Ethan’s room, nursing him in almost darkness, staring off into nothingness. Yes I enjoy breastfeeding but, Ugh, I kind of get bored. Then I figured I could read during this time!

So I finished Twilight and the other 2 books, New Moon and Eclipse. I am now waiting for the 4th book to come out on Aug 2. In the meantime Ethan and I went to Barnes and Nobles last night and I bought The Host, also by Stephanie Meyer. But it is not part of the vampire series. Did I mention Twilight was about Vampires….? and Werewolves…? Sadly they are books written for teens and so far there is no sex. Boo. Seriously, she needs to write next novels in this series for adults. I don’t need any erotica or soft porn, but after 3 books, Im ready for the next step here! I think Bella is too!

Enjoy some pictures of Ethan, Daddy & Uncle Mike