Well we are all pretty sick in the Tran household. Ethan started getting all snotty and feeling a bit warm on Tuesday. I followed and then Beebe. We all went to the After Hours Clinic in Kenner because we missed our doctors office hours. Only Bee and I were seen as Ethan had an appointment with his doctor. The after hours doctor was ok I suppose, but he told me it was time to start Ethan on formula. I guess he was annoyed that every time he said he was going to give me something I reminded him I was breastfeeding and he’d have to look up and make sure I could take it. Poo on him.

Our nurse Carol, at our pediatricians office says they use this book Medications & Mother’s Milk by Thomas W. Hale

5 thoughts on “Being Sick Sucks!

  1. I can’t believe any doctor would tell you that, that’s ridiculous! I hope you guys feel better soon! Hayden was sick earlier this week and Ethan is sick as well, guess its that time of year or something!

  2. Aw..I hope you all feel better!
    I’ll be thinking of you guys while I’m relaxing on the beach this weekend 😉
    AND poo on that doctor is right!

  3. We all have a little something, too. Runny nose and just feel yuck. I’m hoping it goes away quickly since we’re back in Cali! Hope you guys feel better soon :0)

  4. I cannot believe the doctor told you that! That is just insane.
    I hope you guys get to feeling better soon. We are all still gooby at our house.

  5. Yeah I wasn’t thrilled he said that either. I told him I wasn’t putting Ethan on formula. Especially now while he is sick, I mean what if it tummy issues on top of everything else?

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