We are finally home from our much needed mini vacation. We had a really nice time as you can see from the videos. The kids played and laughed and splashed. We all laughed, it was very nice.

Very peaceful, but Michael was never far from our thoughts.

He would have enjoyed this trip especially the kids.

We got to visit Beebe’s childhood friend Paul on our last night there. We had dinner with him and Lisa and Marley. Lisa has a picture of Mike biting Marleys toe.

Melanie sent me a picture of Mike she found in her phone. She said her phone doesnt organize pictures like the iPhone. Well HELLO, get an iPhone already and join the club.

Baby Tran is doing well, he must be growing because my belly is extending more. He moves a lot too, more then I remember Ethan moving. He doesn’t get the hiccups as often as Ethan did. I see my belly move more with Baby. I think Baby likes watermelon. He moves a lot when I eat it. Or maybe he is just getting mad that my bladder is filling and pushing him. ha!

My heartburn as subsided which is nice. I’m swelling, which isnt so nice. My wedding band is hard to get off and on. My engagement ring still fits fine. I was scheduled to take the glucose test yesterday but rescheduled for next Monday. Fun! I dont mind the drink, its the blood work I dont like.