We are having some landscaping done and we are so excited. So far I think its going to look great! Hopefully it will all be finished by next week! I wish we had taken more before and after pictures. Here are just a few “before” that we had.

Unfortunately I don’t have a full front picture from before so you can’t see the lawn. We only had a single drive which was a pain to move cars around and we often parked one on the lawn!
As you can see now we had an extra parking space added. No more parking on the lawn. And we have lots of trees and things going in. The trees are just sitting in the front right now. We will have 2 queen palms against the house and 2-3 savannah holly trees lining the left side. The other trees will be used in the backyard. So where you see them sitting now is not where they are actually going.

And I dont have a picture of the yard fully in the back before. Oh well, its was just a big square with a fence and grass. Use your imagination.
Here is the patio we had added so now we have more room.

We are putting in a shed that home depot will deliver July 12.

Poo Poo was helping me take some pictures!