Create a new show. I like Original, Simplicity or Innocence


Resize your images using ACDSee, make sure you dont save over the originals. I did 40% and that seemed to be good.

This is where you set the settings for how fast the slideshow will be. I think this is a good speed. This will also tell you if you have more space for more images or if its full.

So its full and the left over images will be on the right side. Now it might tell you Full at first and then once you change the slideshow speed you might notice there is more room. You will need to select the images in that column on the right and drag them over into the box. Watch out where you drag them and make sure you are dragging them into the right spot, not before certain images. I just selected them all and let it fill up. It will put the left overs back in that column.

If its still full you’ll need to add another song. So click here. You can upload one of the ones we already own or browse the library.

Kind of looks like this after a 2nd song has been added. Remember to go adjust the slideshow speed. The default is always right in the middle. Then remember you can now add more images. Repeat if you need a 3rd song.

Click on Preview

It will generate preview. Give it a name . You can watch if you want to make sure its right or just click “skip and Produce”

This screen comes up and it automatically does 360p which is crappy. So click on Upgrade to HD

Select the 720p HD upgrade

When it is finished click on MORE

Click on Embed

Make sure you change the setting to the x-large video. Then copy and paste that code into the blog. Add this code < center > so it will center the show. But dont put the spaces after the < >