Aiden is growing so fast, its hard to believe he is almost 1 years old! He is starting to stand on his own. He can go from a sitting position to standing all by himself without holding on to anything. Every now and then he will take a few jerky steps, so I foresee real walking in our immediate future!

Ethan is back in school at Kehoe-France and he is loving it! He is always excited to go to school in the morning and his reports from school always come back good. He has even been a better eater lately which makes me so happy.

We have been enjoying our time off from shooting. We took 4 weeks off from shooting and dont go back until Mid September. Of course we have had a bunch of to do but at least no shooting. Trying to get caught up before Leslie goes on maternity leave so I am not overwhelmed with all the work myself.

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