Aiden is such a good little baby. He is so sweet. Ethan is a sweetie too but he was a difficult infant! Ethan would wake up at night and cry. We would swaddle him, feed him, change him, cuddle him, rock him, shush him and nothing seemed to sooth him. Aiden wakes up at night, eats and goes right back to sleep. Im hoping this wont meant Aiden will be difficult later on. Ethan is now such a easy toddler!

Here are a few pictures of Aiden

This is how we used to bath Ethan when he was little. We would just jump in the shower together that way we could get clean too. Sometimes all 3 of us would be in there. All 4 of us can fit in our shower, its one of my favorite things about our house. We just put Aiden in the little tub and let him soak while we wash.

drying off
our hair combed and all ready for bed in our pj’s

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