Yes, I am getting addicted to Ebay, thanks to Dayna’s mom Ms. Debbie. I was up late last night, or should I say early this morning ebaying away, looking for gymboree clothes. Ha! I just love the little aviator line, it is so freaking adorable. I can’t wait to dress Ethan in some of the cute things I bought him. Some of the things I actually bought in the store yesterday on sale. We all met up with Chad, Dayna & Collin for lunch at Houston’s. Then Dayna and I went to Gymboree to see what was on sale. We had fun walking around with the boys and shopping. We did stop to use the restroom right by cafe dumonde. I ran in first and while I was in the potty a neighboring table to where Dayna was sitting leaned over to adore the boys. They asked if they were twins. Eh… not quite. But I guess you see a lady sitting by herself with 2 babies, you might think they were twins. So I come out of the potty, Dayna goes in. I stroll Collin and carry Ethan over to the counter to buy some bottled water. The guy behind the registers asks, are they twins? Eh… no again. Now this guy saw us all walk up together but maybe he was just trying to make small talk.

One time when we were at the mall together we were each holding our own child and a lady came up to us and asked how old they were. At the time I think Collin was 2 months and Ethan 5. The lady then asked if they were twins. Yeah lady, they are twins but one was born 3 months early. She then asked if they were brothers. We get the brothers and twins thing a lot. Sometimes I am so tempted to say “Yes they are brothers. We are polygimists and they have the same Daddy.”

OK, so back to ebay… Its a lot of fun and quite addicting to sit there and go through all the little outfits. The pricing is really good for some of the items, nwt (new with tags). I bid on several cute things.

Last night we went to dinner at Dayna and Chads house. Chad made really yummy filet, it was so tender and good. Mr. Johnny and Ms. Debbie were over also. I have not seen them in awhile so that was nice! Ms. Debbie got Ethan the cutest little top and shortalls from gymboree. Collin has some matching pieces so we’ll take some pictures of the boys together.