our birth story:

We checked in at 10pm on Sunday the 16th and our first nurse was Farrah. She was awesome and I was so sad when I learned her shift would be ending at 7am and someone else would be taking over. You get attached to people, especially in this personal setting where they are checking your dilation and seeing you so vulnerable. So I was brought into LDR 1 and Bee went to get some things we had left in the car. Farrah hooked up the IV which was probably the most painful thing I had to endure. I was really fearing the epidural which turned out to be nothing. I was hooked up to fluids, the pressure cuff was put on and then the induction medication cytotec was inserted. At least that is how I think it is spelt. Several hours after that medicine was inserted she put in another 1/4.

During the night my contractions started getting stronger. They were not unbearable but they did hurt and made it impossible to get any sleep. Finally I called Farrah and asked her for some relief so I could get some sleep. I can’t remember the name of what I was given. I just remember her saying that it might make me feel a little dizzy and not to fight it. Just to close my eyes and try to get some rest. After it was put in my IV I was like, what is she talking about, I dont feel anything. Ha! Not much later this weird dizzying feeling came over me and I thought I might get sick. So I closed my eyes and the pain I was feeling went away and I finally was able to fall asleep.

Farrah left at 7am and my next nurse was Virginia and she was awesome too. She actually was a bride who contacted Beebe about booking us but he was already booked and he refereed her to someone else. So when she arrived she was like, “are you the tran photographers?” Small world!

She stayed with me from 7am until after Ethan was born. She was fabulous and very caring about my pain management and making sure Ethan and I were doing ok. She started the pitocin medicine. I was still 2cm and about 70% effaced. I knew my OB was coming in the morning to break my water and I was really worried about the contractions getting strong from that. They were getting a little stronger from the pitocin. So I asked Virginia to call in for my epidural. I had been pretty relaxed about everything and this part was making me nervous. Just the idea of the big needle going into my back. I was very worried about how this was going to feel. I mean who wouldnt! So the anesthesiologist came in, he was very nice. Beebe and my best friend Dayna (who was there also) were asked to leave the room. So that made me a little nervous. I had to sit up and then bend over my big belly towards Virginia. I kind of had my head in her chest and I was gripping her scrubs for dear life. Poor girl!

The anesthesiologist did the prep on my back and then told me every step what I would be feeling. When it was time for the needle I took deep breaths and he said “ok big prick and some burn” and I tried not to move. It didn’t really hurt at all. I felt a prick and then the burn from it going in, but it wasn’t painful. I think my IV was still hurting in my hand and that was worse then getting the epidural. It was all over and done within a few seconds it seemed. So the medicine started working and I slowly wasn’t able to feel my legs anymore. Actually I was always able to move my toes and legs to some degree. Dr. Bone came and broke my water about 930. The rest of the day went pretty slow. I had friends in and out keeping me company. My mom was there and that was awesome to share this all with her. I was starving since I wasn’t able to eat anything but ice chips.

When I finally dilated to 10cm it was time to start pushing. We did some practice pushes and then my OB, Dr. Bone came in. Dr. Bone is awesome and I love her. Even Beebe wants to go to her, haha! So they had the bed all ready and I started pushing with the contractions. Right before I started pushing I requested that anesthesiologist put more in my epidural. I was still pain free for the most part but I could feel somethings. Like if I touched myself down there on one side I could feel it and I was worried about feeling it when Ethan came through. So after I got another dose I was pain free but could feel the pressure. I had only my mom and Beebe stay in the room with me. Then there was my great doctor, Virginia and another nurse who I don’t know. The coaching for the pushing was great. I felt so supported by everyone and the entire experience was very nice. I wasn’t in any pain and I was having a good time actually! I wasn’t nervous, but excited and determined. Beebe was great, he was on my right side holding my right leg and helping to cheer me on. He kept saying he was so proud of me and that I was doing great. Apparently Ethan wasn’t having as good a time as me.

His heart rate started to drop after only pushing through 4 contractions. My doctor was concerned and wasn’t taking any chances. He had not really descended very far, he was still pretty high so she said we were going to do a c-section. Things went very fast from here. Once it was decided that that was what we were doing my mom was sent to the waiting room, scrubs were thrown to Bee and I was wheeled off the OR. This is where it got scary. Even though my doctor and Virginia kept telling me it was ok and they were just moving fast because that is what they do, I was still scared. Bee was finally in the room with me. They had about 10 people that were suddenly there, other nurses, the anesthesiologist plus some others were there. They were making sure I was comfortable and not feeling any pain.

I started to cry because it was very scary. I went from feeling supported to not knowing what to expect. I felt immense pressure from having the procedure. Though I had been feeling pressure while pushing, that didn’t hurt. This pressure hurt, but it might have been a combination of a little hurt and a lot of scary.

Ethan was born at 5:24pm on September 17, 2007. He was pulled out and immediately starting screaming. His loud cries made Beebe and I cry even harder. We were so relived to hear his voice for the first time. Then they were bringing him around all swaddled so we could see and hold our baby. It was wonderful to finally come face to face with the little man who stole my heart. Beebe was so excited and was kissing Ethan’s little head. Then it was time for Dr. Bone to sew me up and Beebe went with Ethan. I fell asleep and woke up when my doctor was finished. They wheeled me back into my room where I met with Bee. He snuggled next to me as much as he could and we waited for the nurse to bring Ethan back to my room so I could try nursing for the first time. When she finally arrived she helped me get him latched on and he started to nurse right away. Overall I would say the labor and delivery experience was pretty amazing. It didn’t go as planned, but the end result was the same and Ethan is here with us. Even though I didn’t get to experience vaginal labor I did get to try and I feel that my experience with that part was great. Obviously next time around I’ll be having a section and it wont be as scary. It will be scheduled and there wont be the scare of all the rushing.