We had our 38 week appointment today. Everything is looking good. We are 2cm and 70%, so no change from last week. We are scheduled to go in at 10pm on Sunday. My mom flies in that afternoon. I cant wait to see her. I have not seen her since our trip to Vegas in March when I was only 15 weeks pregnant! So this will be her first time seeing me in person all big and preggo! She has seen pictures on the blog. Im going to make Bee take a few pictures of us together being her first day in town will likely be my last day pregnant!

Our doctor told us when we check in I’ll likely be given cervidil and then later pitocin. She said when she comes that Monday morning she’ll break my water and I’ll likely have a baby by lunch, but by dinner for sure. Bee and I love our doctor! We love everyone in her office, especially our little nurse Brandi who said she would come visit us when she gets off work!

We are going to dinner tonight with our best friends Dayna & Chad. It will probably be our last dinner together as a foursome! Then we’ll be a fivesome and in December we’ll go back to being an even number when baby dyle arrives!