I have been really tired lately and my back has been hurting more and more. Even sitting in my usually very comfy chair hurts my back. I have been having braxon hicks contractions for about 2 weeks now and I can feel Ethan kicking more and more. He must want to be a soccer player with the way he kicks all over the place. Wouldn’t his daddy like that!

We registered for the baptism seminar on August 31st at St. Christopher where we will baptizing Ethan. We will hopefully baptize him on Oct 14th when my mom is here. I am hoping she can stay that long, if not we will have to try to baptize him ealier. Unfortunately St. Christopher only does the baptism on the 2nd Sunday of every month. We’ll miss the September baptism and October falls on the 14th. We might see about having a private baptism. If St. Christopher can’t do it, then we are going to talk to Father Bob, who married Bee & I and maybe we can do it at St. Mary Magdelan. But hopefully everything works out! We had thought about going to the Cathedral where we were married, but the most important thing is to have my mom here.